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There are many community resources for people living with disabilities, but finding the right fit to meet your needs can be a challenge. Children’s Link maintains a current database of available resources, providing a one-stop site where families and professionals can explore options and connect with the services and supports best suited to their requirements. In addition, we have an experienced and dedicated team of staff who are available to assist you with your search.

“I was supported over the years as I grew into the fierce advocate my kids needed me to be. I’ve also found the strength to support other parents through their journeys and help them find their voices…. Believing we deserved to be heard is just one of the many gifts we have gotten from the Children’s Link.”

Family Member

“It is truly amazing having a “one stop shop” for parents and professionals to locate relevant information about supports, resources, and programming available in the Calgary area for families who have children with special needs.”

Pacekids Programs

“The help that was given to us for our Trusteeship/Guardianship application was invaluable. I was feeling overwhelmed with the process, and your staff made things so easy with their previous experience and expertise.”

Family Member

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