May 10 2021


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm



3 Part Series – Caregiving: A Family Affair – A Toolkit for Caregivers (March of Dimes)

When someone in the family develops care needs, change occurs in ways that no one could predict. Roles and responsibilities of individual family members emerge, sometimes unintentionally, and often the fair distribution of care work is a challenge. This series will respond to the question: How can families remain strong and intact throughout the caregiving experience?

This weeks session:

Session #3: A Toolkit for Caregiver and Family Wellbeing

The third and final episode in this series will offer tools and strategies to assess the wellbeing of family members individually and gauge how well the family is meeting challenges as a team. Themes we’ll explore are:

• Wellbeing – what is it and how I can get some for myself and my family?

• Using the F words template so everyone can declare their personal needs (Function, Fitness, Fun, Family, Future, Friends)

• Together, let’s figure out how to be strong throughout the caregiving journey.