Aug 16 2021


9:00 am - 4:45 pm



Adapted Sport & Recreation Camp (University of Calgary)

Come discover your abilities! This camp is centered upon giving campers with physical disabilities the opportunity to explore various adapted sport, recreational, and leisure activities. Different programs from the Calgary area will provide the opportunity for each camper to experience a trial of the adapted physical activity programming they offer throughout the year. Campers will get to challenge themselves physically through activities such as: sledge hockey, cycling, swimming, and a variety of wheelchair sports like basketball, rugby/lacrosse and fencing. Campers will also get to explore their creative side through dance, gymnastics and art. Our goal is to increase each camper’s confidence in their ability to participate in school and community programs. This camp is offered in partnership with the Vi Riddell Pediatric Rehabilitation Research Program and The Calgary Adaptive Hub.

Due to measures we are following based on the Guidance for Day Camps outlined by the province, we have redesigned this camp to provide the best possible experience this summer. Please note that the described activities are subject to change and are presented as examples only.

If your child needs personal assistance, please arrange to have an aide attend camp with them. If you answer NO to any of the following statements, please contact or (403) 955-5736 to confirm eligibility for this camp: 
My child has a physical disability; can follow instructions in a group setting; can eat independently; can safely participate in activities with a minimum of a 1:4 staff to participant ratio; and can speak English.

If you have questions about your child’s eligibility or for more information, please contact:
(403) 955-5736