Feb 23 2022


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Chilled Youth Anxiety Management (carya)

No one needs to face anxiety alone – especially not youth.

When facing anxiety, the Chilled program is here to support young people aged 13-15 and their parents understand their experiences and build coping skills together. Pre-teen and teen years can be confusing, overwhelming, and isolating, and studies show therapy and counselling is more effective when a whole family is included and supported.

The Chilled Anxiety Program from Macquarie University was the first one to involve parents. Bringing parents and caregivers into the treatment journey means children are better supported and have greater success in managing their anxiety when they leave the program.

In this 10-week program participants will learn about: 

  • Where anxiety and feelings come from, and what they look like
  • Healthy thinking and behaviour patterns to manage anxiety
  • Fighting fear by facing fear
  • Other coping skills such as building social confidence and problem-solving

Cost: Chilled costs $300 per family (subsidies available). This includes childcare as well as workbooks for parents and youth. In order to make our services as affordable as possible, our fees are based on your ability to pay. Your fee can be negotiated with the facilitator.

For more information or to register contact Client Services at or 403-537-3381