Sep 09 2023


10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Inclusive Family Friendly Concert – Honens Festival (Xenia Concerts)

Xenia Concert at the 2023 Honens Festival
Join the Ladom Ensemble for a family-friendly concert that embraces neurodiversity and disability. This event has been specially designed to be accessible and inclusive for neurodivergent listeners, people with disabilities, and others who face social and systemic barriers to attending typical events. All ages and expressions are welcome!

Tickets are $5 per family, but to eliminate financial barriers to attendance, we will refund your ticket when you arrive at the concert.

Concert Features
-All expressions welcome! Feel free to make noise, get up, or stim
-Wheelchair accessible venue, including washrooms
-Venue guide (download below)
-Sensory toys and noise canceling earmuffs available (please bring your own if you can)
-Flexible seating and separate area for breaks
-Stretch breaks and freedom of movement during the concert
-Visual schedule
-Scent-free environment

Saturday 9 September at 10:30 am
St. Stephen’s Anglican Church
1121 14 Ave SW


Sunday 10 September at 10:30 am
Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton
4995 Market St SE


Have a question or suggestion on how we can make this event more welcoming and accessible?
Contact Nadia Riterman at 403 299 0140.