Jul 30 2020


10:00 am - 11:30 am

Building Social Connections (Webinar)

Building Social Connections (Webinar)


Fiza Javed, HBSc., Health and Wellness Worker,

Danielle Mayer, BA ,BCYC,CYCAA, Dipl. ELCC Family Specialist, Health and Wellness Worker Closer to Home Community Services

Cost: Free

This presentation will focus on the importance of social connections, reflecting on your existing connections, learning how to strengthen them, and building new connections. As humans, we have a basic need to connect with other people. We will be talking about why social connections are important and the impact of connections on mental and physical well-being. We will talk about practical ways and strategies you can utilize which will help you feel connected in your relationships at work, school, and home. We use the Teaching-Family Model to help teach practical skills such as communication, active listening, maintaining relationships that support learning and lead to long-term outcomes. With the recent changes and adaptations that we as a society have had to make over the last few months, we would like to assist youth, parents, caregivers, families, professionals, and our community in staying connected and incorporating connection building in our everyday lives.

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