May 06 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm



Therapeutic Touch for Self Care (Caregivers Alberta)

Do you feel exhausted after a full day of caregiving? Would you like to find a way to have more energy and to be able to relax more? This presentation will introduce you to Therapeutic Touch®, an energy healing practice that is simple and easy to learn.

Therapeutic Touch® is a holistic, evidence-based form of energy healing. It was developed by a nurse and an intuitive healer nearly 50 years ago. It involves balancing the human energy field through the hands to facilitate healing. It is used to promote relaxation and comfort, help relieve pain and anxiety, and support the healing process in acute and/or chronic illness.

Meet Dr. Chery Ann Hoffmeyer, Ph.D., RT, QTTT

Chery Ann has been practicing Therapeutic Touch since 1984 and has studied with a variety of Therapeutic Touch teachers and is a recognized Therapeutic Touch practitioner and teacher in Canada and the United States. She is also a qualified Therapeutic Touch teacher trainer. Chery Ann has spent over 30 years studying with the founders of Therapeutic Touch, Dora Kunz and Dolores Krieger, at the Therapeutic Touch summer camps on the west and east coasts in the U.S., at the Therapeutic Touch Dialogues in Montana, as well as participating in Therapeutic Touch workshops and conferences nationally and internationally. She has taught Therapeutic Touch courses and presented at Therapeutic Touch conferences in Canada, the U.S., and Australia. Chery Ann has also been a mentor for the Therapeutic Touch practitioner and teacher mentorship programs. She feels very blessed to have worked with both Dora and Dolores over the years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience directly from the founders of Therapeutic Touch. Chery Ann looks forward to sharing her knowledge, her passion for and experiences with Therapeutic Touch, with you.