Feb 10 2022


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Thriving and Autism: Tips Tricks and Strategies for Success ***please register using the poster only*** (AHS CES)

We all have an intuitive notion of what it means to live well, or what it means to thrive, or what human flourishing looks like. But figuring out what thriving looks like for us personally is a really hard question to answer. If you are autistic, that question might be even harder to figure out. This is often because even well-intentioned advice and strategies were developed by non-autistic researchers and tested with non-autistic participants and thus are not always helpful. In this workshop, Dr. Brown will present findings from research conducted primarily by autistic researchers themselves, in which they examined the constructs of wellbeing and quality of life for autistic individuals. By drawing on the lessons from the neurodiversity movement and personal experience, she will also present tips, tools, and strategies for learning to Thrive. The importance of (a) presumed competence and autonomy; (b) sparks, flow, and special interests; and (c) positive identity, belonging, and connection will specifically be considered.

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