Children’s Link envisions a compassionate society in which people with disabilities and those who support them are equipped, empowered, and valued throughout their lives.

We want everyone to be a part of a caring, inclusive community!

However, we recognize that not everyone has the same level of personal experience, knowledge, or comfort with regard to interacting with individuals and families living with disability.

Why not consider exploring our new Disability Inclusion Awareness Learning Modules?

Choose a module that interests you and work through it at your own pace.
There are four modules to explore:

Better Together:
Creating Caring Communities Through Disability Inclusion Awareness

  • Our Beliefs Matter
  • Our Knowledge Matters
  • Our Words Matter
  • Our Actions Matter

Each module contains simple, colourful slides, and the following sections:

  • What Can We Learn?
  • What Can We Do?
  • What Can We Access?

Here is a quick 2-minute video introduction to the learning modules:

Video: Introduction to Disability Inclusion Awareness Learning Modules
Video: Audio Version – Better Together Disability Inclusion Awareness – Intro Video

Have fun learning and becoming a disability ally in your community.
We’re Better Together!

Video: Module One – Our Beliefs Matter
Video: Audio Version – Module One Better Together Disability Inclusion Awareness
Module Two
Module Three
Module Four

“Inclusion is within everyone’s ability.”