The Children’s Link Society supports families caring for a young adult with a disability who is transitioning into adulthood by offering Guardianship & Trusteeship Application Services in Alberta. We appreciate that this life transition can be an emotional time for families.

We’re Here to Help!

In Alberta, once an individual turns 18 years of age, they will automatically become their own guardian. If an adult is not capable of making decisions independently, a formal court order is needed in order for someone to be appointed as a formal Guardian and/or Trustee.

Our team will guide you throughout the process of completing a Guardianship & Trusteeship application for your young adult with a disability in Alberta. We review and verify applications and supporting documentation to ensure applications meet Office of the Public Guardian guidelines. The fee for application services is $350. Fee assistance is available.

Our service includes:

  • Completion of Guardianship & Trusteeship forms
  • Liaisons with the Office of the Public Guardian to ensure applications meet their requirements.
  • Instruction and guidance on how to complete transition to adulthood applications (PDD/AISH).
  • Assistance with visioning a path forward and identifying options for adulthood resources, programs, and community connections.
  • Meetings and follow-up with our Caring Connections Family Support Team
“The help that was given to us for our Trusteeship Guardianship application was invaluable. I was feeling overwhelmed with the process, and your staff made things so easy with their previous experience and expertise. Well worth it! An amazing service you offer.” (Parent Survey Respondent)

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If you have reviewed these, have browsed the Community Resource Database, and require additional support with Guardianship and Trusteeship for your young adult with a disability, please fill out our Intake Form below:


Video: Guardianship and Trusteeship Applications