When managing the care of a child with special needs, there is a lot to think about, plan for and consider.

Parents are often dealing with complex emotions, addressing medical issues, participating in meetings and therapy sessions, documenting information, thinking about educational and recreational opportunities, planning for transitions, accessing funding and supports, and the list goes on.

There are likely many people working on behalf of your child. At Children’s Link, we seek to support YOU, as a caregiver. To encourage you in your role and on your journey, this page contains links to articles, stories, blog posts and other helpful online information. You can refer to this content for ideas, encouragement and sometimes a good laugh.

Better Together!

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As we leave summer behind and begin to adjust to new fall routines, there will be many opportunities for us to connect (and reconnect) with others.  We often do a great job of arranging ‘play dates’ and social opportunities for our children with disabilities – but what about ourselves, as caregivers?  Having a social network is just as important for parents as it is for […]

School Year Self Care

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It’s back to school season! We’ve filled our backpacks with notebooks and pencils, packed our lunch bags, and created school year schedules, but there’s one thing that’s easy to forget. Self-care! Something absolutely essential to include in our backpacks to ensure we have the happiest and healthiest school year possible. As much as we can’t […]

How To Use Our Website

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Welcome to our website! We hope that you are able to find helpful resources, information, and more about Children’s Link here! We know our website can sometimes be tricky to use at first, so here you will find a step-by-step guide to using our website. Please note: Our website works best using Google Chrome. What […]

Welcome Yasmin!

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While many of you have already met Yasmin, we are so excited to formally introduce her! Yasmin began working at Children’s Link in February as a family support staff and has been such a wonderful member of our team. As a mom of a child with a disability and a parent who is new to […]

COVID-19 Online Resources

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COVID – 19 Online Resources  It is important to note that The Children’s Link Society does not endorse or recommend the following resources. We have simply compiled a list of supports for families to utilize during the Covid-19 Pandemic.   Laptop Donation:   Electronic Recycling Association — new program: Lending a Lifeline by Lending Laptops. With […]

Self-Care During Tough Times

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I am writing this article, after having been at home for the first 5 school days with all 4 of our kids. I wanted to make sure that during this extremely challenging time for everyone, that I was following through and doing the advice and tips myself on a daily basis. This is a very […]

So, You’ve Just Received a Diagnosis… Now What?

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I distinctly remember the day my son was diagnosed.  Parents don’t forget receiving that type of news.  Somehow, after listening to the cluster of labels applied to my child, I ended up at the grocery store.  The clerk asked calmly, as if my world hadn’t just been crushed, “How are you today?”  I shoved down […]

Beyond Empathy: How To Help Parents of Kids with Special Needs

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As a parent of a child with special needs, I can’t tell you how many times someone has innocently said, “I don’t know how you do it.”  Meant to be an empathetic comment, it often left me wanting to respond, “I don’t know either,” or “It’s not like I have a choice…” Being a special-needs […]


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The right to feel angry The right to seek another opinion The right to privacy The right to keep trying The right to stop trying The right to set limits The right to be a parent The right to be unenthusiastic The right to be annoyed with your child The right to time off The […]