We offer a variety of programs and services to ensure every family is informed, connected, and supported.

Family Support

The Family Support Team offers real help rooted in lived experience.

We work with you to explore options, find community resources, apply for FSCD, use our database, and more.

We empower families and professionals and help you make the best decisions for your family, your children, your clients, and your community.

Coffee Socials

Coffee Socials provide a safe place for parents to connect with other parents who care for children with disabilities.

Offered three-times-a-month, they are a unique space to share experiences, successes, challenges, resources, and supports.

Coffee Socials aim to empower families, build community, offer real empathy, and connect peers who are walking along the same journey.

“To parent a child with special needs/disabilities is truly the only way to understand or relate to those who walk the same journey.”

Join our Coffee Socials

To join our coffee socials, email Yasmin Mohamed at yasmin.mohamed@childrenslink.ca

Transition Services

The Transition Team guides families who care for youth who are transitioning into adulthood.

They have helped hundreds of families easily and accurately complete Guardianship, Trusteeship, PDD, and AISH applications.

They provide accurate and useful information, and excellent service so families feel less stressed and more confident when their youth enter adulthood.


Transition and Family Support Services Workshops are available to families and professionals.

These engaging workshops help families better understand the Transition to Adulthood process, and learn more about PDD, AISH, Guardianship, and Trusteeship.

These free, twice-a-month workshops aim to reduce stress, increase your knowledge and confidence, and set your family and clients up for success.