Better Together!

As we leave summer behind and begin to adjust to new fall routines, there will be many opportunities for us to connect (and reconnect) with others.  We often do a great job of arranging ‘play dates’ and social opportunities for our children with disabilities – but what about ourselves, as caregivers?  Having a social network is just as important for parents as it is for kids!  Here at Children’s Link, we’d love to help you get connected, as we truly believe we are “Better Together”! 

Research shows that having a good social support network– people in our lives that we can talk to, spend time with, and get help from – can boost our emotional and physical health.  Those who have adequate natural supports in their lives can adapt to change more effectively, find it easier to handle stress, and report greater overall life satisfaction. 

You are probably a wiz at packing healthy snacks for your children – but have you heard about “social snacking”?  It’s healthy for us too!  Social snacking describes brief and informal positive interactions in daily events, which contribute to happiness, sense of belonging and identity, and help to build naturally supportive communities.  Examples of social snacking include saying hello to a neighbour, complementing a grocery clerk, smiling to the person beside you, or introducing yourself to someone new.  These small efforts to communicate – this “social snacking” leaves both the giver and the receiver feeling good.  It builds feelings of trust and may lead to future positive actions that benefit the community.  Why not give it a try this fall? 

Be sure to CLICK HERE or call Children’s Link for more information on our monthly Conversation Café groups, where you can network with other parents and caregivers of children and youth with disabilities.  In-person, online, daytime and evening options are available.

We all have something to gain from interacting with one other. 
Each one of us has strengths to share and times when we need to receive.  We encourage you to reach out and connect with Children’s Link – help us build a more supportive community – because we’re always “Better Together”.   


Community Resources

The Children’s Link database contains more than 1,000 community resources that may be beneficial for families and professionals who care for and work with children and youth with special needs. To explore resource options, click the link below.