Breathe, Just Breathe!

Congratulations!  You’ve made it through all the busyness and chaos of the fall season, and likely have a few weeks before things start to ramp up again, prior to Christmas. 😊 Now is your chance!  BREATHE, JUST BREATHE! 

Breathing – which is something you are doing right now, likely without even thinking about it, is a proven stress reliever!  And, if you breathe just a little bit deeper, you may feel more relaxed, ease emotional distress, relieve pain, detoxify your body, improve immunity, increase energy, lower blood pressure, improve digestion and promote feelings of calm and happiness! 

There are some simple breathing techniques that can be used by both parents and children with special needs to promote wellness and help regulate emotions. 

Studies have shown that just the simple act of stopping to notice our breath can ease distress.  Using simple breathing techniques, we can learn to quickly relax our bodies and minds.  These strategies apply to both adults and children and can be particularly effective for children with disabilities. 

CLICK HERE for a link to an article with video clips demonstrating several useful and fun breathing techniques: 

7 Best Breathing Exercises for Children with Disabilities 

Something as easy as breathing in slowly through the nose and exhaling gently through the mouth, can be of great benefit.  As can breathing down to the abdomen or stomach area, rather than just ‘chest breathing’.

Are you up for some practice?  Using a free version of the popular Calm App may be a great place to start.  CLICK HERE to explore.

Or, CLICK HERE to check out a video called: Deep Breathing with Shapes for Kids and use this guide: Coping Skills for Kids – Deep Breathing Shapes for Kids to guide you and your child as you breathe together!

During November, Children’s Link is delighted to be welcoming Laurie Moser, as a guest presenter during our daytime Conversation Café and our Grandparent Conversation Café. Laurie has loads of experience teaching and helping people to feel better through breathing and movement.  She has generously offered her time and talent to guide us in breathing a little deeper this month.  We’re always BETTER TOGETHER! 😊

To register for any of these events, please visit our website at, call our office at 403-230-9158, or email 

In closing, I’d like to invite you to take a DEEP BREATH and watch this little video clip featuring our friends Dory and Nemo. Let it encourage you to “just keeping swimming” and just keep breathing this month.


P.S.  While breathing is super important – also remember this: 

With gratitude for each breath I take, 

Sandra Cicman, M.Ed.
Education Lead
The Children’s Link Society

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