Children’s Link Public Art Projects

Children’s Link Office Mural

At the Children’s Link office, we have a wide empty wall that has been looking a little lonely lately. So we wanted to include you in it!

We are excited to be able to invite you to be included in the creation of a mural painting! 

How can you help us create this mural? We would love for you to send us words that represent your experience of having children with disabilities or children with complex needs. The mural will be done as a word cloud. This means that many words are gathered and laid out to form a cloud-like shape. The more a word is used, the bigger the word becomes. Below is an example. 

Example image of a word cloud
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This means that words can be entered multiple times. We want you to be as open as you want! We want to represent the reality of daily living, organizations such as the Children’s Link, and caring for a child with complex needs or disabilities. We want this mural to represent you and your child. 

We invite you to also include art ideas and words. You can either send us drawings or drawing ideas to represent your experiences and lives through images. 

You can email your ideas and creations to:


Children’s Link Public Art Installation

We are also very excited about a city public art project that will allow for the Children’s Link Society to create a public art installation. We are looking for families to reach out to us with their stories and ideas in order to create a publicly accessible mural. If you have other ideas, let your imagination run free and contact Alejandra at: 

We would love to begin the application process shortly as the city funding is limited so do not hesitate to reach out.  

Community Resources

The Children’s Link database contains more than 1,000 community resources that may be beneficial for families and professionals who care for and work with children and youth with special needs. To explore resource options, click the link below.