Grow Through What You Go Through

With the longest daylight hours of the year, isn’t June a wonderful month?

The warmth and light brightens our days and promotes feelings of optimism. Watching buds and blooms emerge, reminds us of the possibilities that exist for growth and development.

This month, our theme is GROW!

At Children’s Link we love to encourage people to ‘grow through what you go through.  The challenges that living with disability creates, can also be a source of growth, strength, identity, and purpose, if one chooses to use them in such ways.

Research has revealed a lot about resilience. It is now known that we can learn and develop resilience even, and maybe especially, when we are experiencing difficult situations in life. In fact, if we have supportive relationships in our lives, as a protective factor, and we choose to embrace our struggles as opportunities to grow, we can not only survive – but we can flourish!

Connie Jakab, a Calgary-based mom of two children (one of whom has autism and mental health challenges), mental health worker, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed optimist knows a thing or two about flourishing.  In fact, she is a Certified Flourishing Coach.  If you’d like to hear some of her personal story, CLICK HERE to listen to her interview on our Children’s Link podcast.  If you’d like free access to a short and impactful introduction to creating a flourishing life and an overview of the Flourishing Framework, CLICK HERE.

Nick Vujicic is someone who learned early in life how to be resilient.  Nick was born without arms or legs and worked hard to overcome his challenges, to grow as a person, and to achieve the goals he had for his life – despite his disabilities and challenges.  If you are in need of a lift, watch this inspiring 4-minute video clip: The Most Inspirational Video You Will Ever See – Nick Vujicic’s Story – YouTube

When some families discover they have a child with a disability, they see this as a crisis-causing stressor and become overwhelmed and distressed, even in the long term.  However, other families are able to frame the challenges as opportunities to come together and end up finding hope, joy, and meaning in life.

Maybe you have heard the saying, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain”?  One way that families can learn to thrive, is to creatively redefine a sense of family identity, that incorporates the child with special needs.  CLICK HERE to read an article titled, “How to Find Your Purpose as a Special Needs Family” and discover some specific ways to develop an inclusive family identity and grow in your levels of resiliency.

Growing through what one goes through is never an easy process.  Even in the awesome month of June, things aren’t always sunshine and rainbows.  However, each day holds an opportunity to be grateful for something, to appreciate the good, to do something meaningful, to learn something new, and to grow in grace and love for those around us.

Keep going and keep growing!
Sandra Cicman, M.Ed.
Resource Links Director
Children’s Link Society

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