It’s Time to RENEW and Reconnect!

The beginning of a new year is a great time to RENEW and reconnect!
And, although the ways we choose to engage with one another may be different during a pandemic, it is still important that we seek community.  For it is with others where we can explore ideas, embrace opportunities, learn new things, find support, and experience renewal!  How do you plan to RENEW this January? 

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How do you plan to RENEW this January? 

Many people start off a new year by outlining a list of personal resolutions.  Parents of children with special needs are no different – but their goals may need to be tailored a bit, in order to be suitable. 

Here are some New Year’s Resolutions to consider if you are the parent of a child with a disability: 

For more ideas, CLICK HERE to download an article titled:
10 New Year’s Resolutions for Parents of Children with Special Needs (there are some really good suggestions outlined…) 

And, just in case you are one of many of us who set resolutions and then have trouble following through – don’t be discouraged!  CLICK HERE for a link to an encouraging 2-minute video by the Healthy Monday Campaigns called Monday Reset Resolutions: They also have free online resources to help you RENEW and live healthier, each Monday of the year!  Check out their website at: 

Another great way to RENEW is to laugh, play, and move more often!
All you need is a chair, a table/desk, and a timer to discover how you and your children can spend time connecting and stretching muscles in your bodies.  As you engage in ‘working out’ you will also get to practice the idea of growth.  When we work through hard challenges and stick with it, it may ‘stretch’ us – but is also transforming us by renewing our minds and strengthening our mindset.
CLICK HERE and have fun playing the Reset and Renew Game!

Lastly, if it’s complicated or expensive, most of us won’t do it. 

So, CLICK HERE for a link to an article with some great suggestions on no cost ways to RENEW your spirit and avoid burnout in the coming year:  

Wishing you a new year full of renewal, each and every morning! 


Sandra Cicman, M.Ed. 

Education Lead 

Children’s Link Society 

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